Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Radio City Music Hall
Snoop and leashed women at the 2003 MTV VMA's

From the recent MTV article, "Spankin' Free LP Preview: Snoop Reunites With Dre, Improves Macking Mojo On Tha Blue Carpet Treatment" (9.26.06)

Other unexpected collaborators include Young Jeezy and Ne-Yo, who produced a track called "Put This Thing on You." "Normally, I don't make records for the ladies because I like being real derogatory towards the women, but I've been working with Pharrell and getting a little older and wiser," Snoop said. "So what I did on that record was I went and got one of the specialists at making songs for the ladies,'cause I'm kind of, like, lacking on my macking."
I think I still have the Doggystyle CD in my childhood bedroom, offensive CD artwork and all. It's mysognist. I know and knew but I held onto it since its a musical marker of a slice of my youth (The future is too bright to call them better days.) Even as I renounced and refused to dance to a host of riduculous songs ("Ugly"-Bubba Sparxxx, "Oochie Wally"-Nas feat. Bravehearts) I still hoisted my drank to
"Ain't No Fun." But its a wrap. Negroes been lost they minds. The hull did it. Then the centuries of unfree labor. Then Jim Crow. Then the post civil rights movement de facto bs of now. But this willfull insanity is too fucking much. I mean "I never was a follower of Reverend Butts," to quote Big L,* but damn if Snoop's CD's don't need to be steamrolled. Nothing he participates in will I buy, dance or even nod my head to ("Drop it Like it's Hot" included.) Nor will I allow his name to come out my mouth unless absolutely necessary. He's not worth my breath.

But this isn't about him. It's about a nation of his kindred, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces who casually express their affinity for misogyny daily. Absurdity at its direst.

I'd also like to open up a conversation about the freedom to express oneself by creating a misogynistic character and assuming that persona in one's musical narrative vs. the freedom to to not be aurally assaulted by foolish ass negroes.

* And yes I am aware that approx. 7 lines later in this famed freestyle Big L rhymes "all I got for hoes is hard dick and bubble gum."

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


F*cking RadioShack!

I can't stand this radioshack commercial with this black man telling his girlfriend to go to radioshack so that she and the radioshack people can figure out what kind of phone he wants because it's too much for him to figure out on his own. "Bluetooth . . . What is it? I don't know!!"

1. Why does he have to be so extra?
2. Why is he incapable of picking out his own cell phone?
3. Why?


Somebody get Tyra!

Monday, September 11th

"Racism: Who Has It Worse?"

Season two kicks off with the audience divided into racial groups of White, Black, Muslim, Latino and Asian people. In one of Tyra’s most heated shows ever, she tries to determine which race has it worse. Tyra sits down with five women of different ethnicities, who participated in a focus group experiment with shocking results, proving racism still exists. Tyra also examines intra-racial conflicts that occur between two Latina sisters, two African American women and two Muslim women.


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Friday, September 08, 2006


F*ck voting!

I'm tired of black people and other bleeding heart liberals telling other black people that the solution to their woes is to vote for one of these moderate people pleasers in blue. Let's assume for the moment that the democrats were to put up the pro-choice, anti-war, pro- reparations, anti corporation, pro-working class, free health care/education/childcare believing, semi-socialist candidate of our dreams. Even if we were to vote in record numbers, the electoral college still decides who takes it all and our votes do little more than make blue states bluer! blue people in red states move to blue states. No one wants to stay somewhere where they feel marginalized if they don't have to.

Why don't we put energy behind things that might actually make a difference, like a voting holiday so people don't have to try to get off work to vote, or eliminating the electoral college all together? Why is election day on a Tuesday?

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