Sunday, August 13, 2006


Work Out

Why does Jackie have a vintage statue of a black waiter holding a tray at the entrance of her house? It's painted coal black and has a red suit on and an ear to ear grin. Do white people just have functional pieces of racists memorabilia in their houses?

Can anyone find a picture?


Monster house

So I saw monster house, which I thought would be a rather innocuous kids movie. It ended up having this strange fat phobic plot and the cooniest character this side of the 1960's. Along with rehashing the same old skinny friend hero/main character with the fat/slower comedic best friend, the story centered around the "monster house" that had taken on the soul of a deceased obese woman who hated kids and would swallow them.

The only character of color in the film is the bumbling, slow witted, scared, assistant cop voiced by nick cannon (surprise, surprise). There's one point where he actually says "you've got to listen to the boss." referencing the white cop who is his superior. I didn't know you could make a character buck their eyes in animation but Sony Pictures succeeded. The character has all the classic markers of the kind of portrayal you'd expect to see in ethnic notions!

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