Friday, November 21, 2008


F*ck Ugly Betty!

Now normally, I watch Ugly Betty, with a raised eyebrow and tempered laughter because where else are you going to see a queer and multiracial cast in prime time? Sure they've had questionable racial (and gender) commentary before but I'd been able to turn the other cheek, go to my happy place and laugh nervously at polished stereotypes of the hard working close knit Mexican immigrant family and evil black bitch.

But I have to say last night's episode hit a new low. Did they really try to claim that Betty was the affirmative action admission to the YETI program?! That Marc was overlooked even though he was the better candidate?! Who wrote this episode, bitter white U of M rejects? WTF?!

Betty's presentation apparently didn't warrant admission, nor did her family question the validity of this claim when she presented it. They wanted her to accept that if being Mexican helped in this one case she shouldn't care that she didn't actually "deserve" to be in the program. And Betty with her model minority heart of gold, turned down her acceptance!!!! Marc, an affluent white gay man that was able to wrangle Badgley Mischka to come to his presentation, not to mention his legion of Mode minions who were there to help as well, should have been accepted on merit. If that's not white privilege then I don't know what is! But of course there is no commentary on these resources at Marc's disposal. His ability to command a small army for his presentation compared to Betty's solo production is chalked up to his just being more prepared. The fact that Betty didn't even know about the competition until two days before the presentation deadline is treated as her bad, not the maintenance of the good ol' (gay) boys club that prevented the information from moving in her direction.

How is it that there is no commentary on Marc's white privilege but Betty's Latina heritage is the sole reason for her success? And we are also supposed to believe that all is forgiven by Marc's claim that he's not racist because some of "his hottest ex's were Latino" and Daniel's late but long winded letter of recommendation for his dutiful pet Betty absolves his neglect. It couldn't be that her magazine was actually interesting and represented a new way of imagining the women's magazine audience.

I'm not pleased. It dissapoints me too cause I thought Salma had more sense than that. Sigh . . .

i was disappointed in this episode too...which sucks because i normally really like the show.
I was wondering if I was the only one really pissed off with this episode. In fact, it made me so mad, that it left a sour taste in my mouth that will prevent me from being able to enjoy the show the same way in the future. I always had some reservations about some things, but with this episode the show tore its 'draws' with me.
goodness me.
i thought i was the only one with such strong feelings about this episode.
i've actually prohibited my dv-r from recording u.b. anymore.

hate to see her go, but my own sense of self-worth loves healthy boundaries.
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