Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Sick Sad World

Mom charged with baby's microwave death

This story disturbed me for the following reasons:
1. There is something wrong in the world when anyone puts a baby in a microwave.
2. The final statement of the article seems to say "Well another mother did it, she could've done it too."
3. The CNN video cast started with a Lexus Ad!
4. Is it me or did this story not seem balanced?

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) -- A mother was arrested on suspicion of murdering her newborn daughter by microwaving the baby in an oven.

China Arnold, 26, was jailed Monday on a charge of aggravated murder, more than a year after she brought her dead month-old baby to a hospital. Bail was set Tuesday at $1 million.

"We have reason to believe, and we have some forensic evidence that is consistent with our belief, that a microwave oven was used in this death," said Ken Betz, director of the Montgomery County coroner's office.

He said the evidence included high-heat internal injuries and the absence of external burn marks on the baby, Paris Talley.

Arnold was arrested soon after the baby's death in August 2005, then was released while authorities investigated further. Betz said the case was difficult because "there is not a lot of scientific research and data on the effect of microwaves on human beings."

The death was ruled a homicide caused by hyperthermia, or high body temperature. The absence of external burns ruled out an open flame, scalding water or a heating pad as the cause, Betz said.

Arnold's lawyer, Jon Paul Rion, said his client had nothing to do with her child's death and was stunned when investigators told her that a microwave might have been involved. (Watch the mother's lawyer insist she's innocent Video)

"China -- as a mother and a person -- was horrified that such an act could occur," Rion said.

The night before the baby was taken to the hospital, Arnold and the child's father went out for a short time and left Paris with a baby sitter, Rion said. The mother didn't sense anything out of the ordinary until the next morning, when the child was found unconscious, Rion said.

Arnold has three other children.

In 2000, a Virginia woman was sentenced to five years in prison for killing her month-old son in a microwave oven. Elizabeth Renee Otte claimed she had no memory of cramming her son in the microwave and turning on the appliance in 1999.

Experts said that Otte suffered from epilepsy and that her seizures were followed by blackouts.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006


You Tube is the best Pedagogical tool ever!

I love it!

Monday, November 06, 2006


Just when I had convinced myself to vote

this fuckin campaign commercial comes on

Are you fucking serious?


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